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from TOO HAPPY by tor



you're back in the room
we captured faces after 1 to 2 to 3 glasses of wine
everyone looks happier
except the guy on the left, he looks like he's ready to kill himself
bashing my head against the rocks

last night i was awake when i should have been asleep thinking about how much i couldn't stand you
I'm a goth I'm a goth I'm a goth look at my sad little face

i was lining up with the rest of the mugs for my paltry hand out
but they only had chicken left
constantly cantankerously cunting up the place

like a dead fish floating in my brain
i was getting sick sick from the ups and down
running my taps till they ran completely cold
i couldn't quite find my rhythm, i couldn't quite find my rhythm
i couldn't quite find my

like the worst episode of star trek you ever saw
a hate filled bastard still hungry for more
i hate this shirt its too thin
i can't find the ifs and buts but when i do ill send them in
I've been filling myself up on frangipani creams

if i had something to say id have said it by now
helping myself to confectionary bars
did you want to see my prototype face
allo vera ello steve
i couldn't qute find my rhythm, i couldn't quite find my rythem
i couldn't quite find my
i don't care about the coffee shop poets
whether they did or did not already know it
but I've been sold so many dodgy power tools
I'm with Shatner
working out my instincts i suppose


from TOO HAPPY, released June 1, 2018


all rights reserved



tor Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK

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